25 Mar 2018

HMRC’s tax videos for schools

31 January 2018

Catch them young!


  • Young people need to be better informed about their tax responsibilities.
  • HMRC has produced two tax videos for schools.
  • The animations cover employment, self-employment and the hidden economy.

People in generation Z – those born after 1995 – spend three hours online every day on average. That is a lot of time searching for and sharing information. But within all that activity it is fair to assume that few of them will be searching for advice about their future responsibilities as taxpayers.

HMRC asked young people how much they knew about tax. Their answer was simple: not much. Some of them said that, because of that knowledge gap, taxation was an aspect of adult life that worried them. Teachers to whom HMRC spoke also said it was not a subject they would feel confident teaching.

So, to fill the gap and to help teachers who have to explain to young people how public money is raised and spent as part of the citizenship curriculum, HMRC developed its Tax Facts education programme for teenagers. At the request of teachers, this was quickly followed by Junior Tax Facts, which provides a foundation programme for primary schoolchildren. Both are on YouTube at here.

In developing this material, HMRC sought views from a range of people, including ...

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