28 Apr 2017

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14 February 2017

ESCs; ISAs; ADIT results; Women in tax


A draft order enacts three extra-statutory concessions (ESCs) from 6 April 2017. They are: ESC D40 which excludes beneficiaries from the capital gains tax charge on participators in companies controlled by trustees of non-resident trusts; ESC F15 limiting potentially exempt transfers involving woodlands subject to deferred estate duty charge; and ESC 3.20 preventing disallowance of input VAT for supplies made before insolvency.



HMRC has published draft amending regulations allowing individual savings accounts (ISAs) to retain their tax advantages after the account holder dies. Comments on the draft regulations should be emailed here by 7 April 2017.


ADIT results

The Chartered Institute of Taxation announced that 218 candidates passed at least one advanced diploma in international taxation (ADIT) exam in December 2016. Fully 52 students have completed the diploma in the past six months, including the first one from Mexico.


Women in tax

The next Women in Tax event will be held in London on 7 March from 5.30pm to 8pm. Jo Maughan, career and leadership coach from Your Thinking Partner, will talk about developing a better mindset. The event is free. For more information visit here.

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