15 Dec 2017

Chris Jones 1967-2017

05 December 2017

A tribute to a former publisher of Taxation.

The death of Chris Jones at the absurdly young age of 50 has come as a tremendous shock to all of his friends and colleagues. Chris had a long association with this magazine as a contributor, as its publisher and as the compere of the annual Taxation awards.

Many readers will have heard Chris lecture – either as part of their student training or through the many CPD programmes at which he spoke. He was always in great demand and rightly so: his sheer enthusiasm for the subject shone through every time he spoke and many people can thank Chris for having helped them achieve their professional qualification. But Chris was more than a lecturer. He had a shrewd business brain which enabled him to build up his own training company and then take on a wider role within LexisNexis when it bought out his business. He was an inspirational leader within the company and was passionately attached to the Tolley brand. Indeed he wanted the expression ‘Tolley it’ to become the tax equivalent of ‘Google it’.

Chris had a very successful term as president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation when he led the response to the ministerial challenge over tax avoidance. He skilfully martialled the wide range of views within the institute and with other professional bodies and was instrumental in the issue of the revised Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation document. He was a member of the HMRC charter committee and was gradually becoming involved in the work of the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group and the tax charities – causes that were very close to his heart.

Chris had boundless energy which inspired his colleagues, even as they cursed him under their breath for the amount of work which they sometimes had to do to clear up after him! All of us who knew him are still coming to terms with what a world without Chris will be like. Quieter perhaps, but a lot less fun.

Andrew Hubbard

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