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Tax is a game for the Tories

11 October 2007
Categories: News
The Conservative party has launched a Pacman-like distraction featuring the PM

Tax professionals looking for a few moments' distraction during their hectic working lives should look no further than Taxman Gordon.

Modelled on the classic arcade game Pacman, it combines nostalgia for a lower-tech past with broad satirical comment on the UK's tax regime.

This online gewgaw was launched by the Conservative party. It allows the user to take the part of a Pacman-like character that traverses a maze gobbling up coins while avoiding the deadly attentions of four mini-Gordon Browns (ghosts in the original game).

Scattered around the screen are 'power pills' in the shape of Tory tree logos that allow the player, for a few seconds, to turn on his or her enemies, swallowing the PM whole and scoring extra points.

Taxman Gordon is available at, and claims that its aim is to avoid the ex-Chancellor “and his 111 stealth taxes”.

Categories: News
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