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Hungarian tax is ok

22 November 2007
Categories: Tax cases
KÖGÁZ rt and others v Zala Megyei KÖzigazgatási Hivatal VezetÖje (Case C-283/06); OTP Garancia Biztosító rt v Vas Megyei KÖzigazgatási Hivatal (Case C-312/06), European Court of Justice, 11 October 2007

The claimant companies said that a Hungarian business tax was in effect a turnover tax and therefore contrary to article 33 of the Sixth VAT Directive.

The European Court of Justice reviewed the essential characteristics of VAT and decided that the Hungarian business tax was not precluded by article 33. The tax was based not on the value added at a particular stage in the production and distribution process, but on overall turnover minus certain specified items.

Categories: Tax cases
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