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Online PAYE service confusion

21 April 2008
Categories: News , Income Tax
Contradictory reports of HMRC web outtage

There is some confusion regarding the availability of HMRC's online PAYE service on Friday 18 April.

Towards the end of the working day, a company of chartered accountants got in touch with Taxation to complain that the Revenue's web facility for filing annual PAYE returns had 'not been working for the past few hours'.

Our contact, who had repeatedly attempted to use the service without success, called the department's online helpdesk and was told that 'they don't know what the problem is, don't know when it will be fixed'.

The complainer was then advised to keep trying throughout the evening and during Saturday and Sunday, if necessary, until successful.

Taxation contacted HMRC via its press office on Monday (21 April) and was told that there had been 'nothing to suggest that anything was wrong' on Friday, when the online PAYE service had been 'fully available'.

This, said a spokesperson, had been 'treble checked'.

However, an operator on the online helpdesk contradicted this claim, saying the facility has been out of operation before the weekend due to a 'scheduled maintenance'.

No warning or timetable of such downtime could be found on the HMRC website's service availability page or anywhere else.

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Categories: News , Income Tax
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