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MPs tax avoidance?

07 July 2009
Issue: 4213 / Categories: Forum & Feedback , Admin
Suggestion for 'disclosure of second home' legislation

We now know that, while publicly castigating taxpayers for not acting within the ‘spirit of the law’ when seeking to minimise their tax liabilities, Alistair Darling was privately making creative use of the parliamentary second home allowance to maximise his tax free income.

To counter what the Government perceives as abuse of the tax system, taxpayers have to register their planning under the disclosure of tax avoidance schemes legislation (DoTAS).

Should not MPs who nominate a series or succession of properties as second homes also have to make similar disclosures? An appropriate title for the legislation would be the disclosure of second homes (DoSH).

Mike Holland

Issue: 4213 / Categories: Forum & Feedback , Admin
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