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Library page: equitable liability

22 July 2009
Categories: equitable liability
Taxation's coverage of the administrative practice's withdrawal


Equitable liability to become part of law
Success for campaign to save HMRC concession

Equitable liability concession withdrawn

'No justification for accepting time-barred information post-deadline'

Comment & analysis

Do it now!
MIKE TRUMAN is losing patience with the delay over equitable liability

Take care
KEITH M GORDON suggests that the equitable liability practice falls within HMRC’s current discretionary powers

Great minds...
The following email was intercepted on its way from a senior Treasury official to a counterpart at HMRC, both of whom shall – for diplomacy’s sake – remain anonymous.

Aussie rules
MIKE TRUMAN thinks the Australians may have a thing or two to teach us. They might also have something to say about equitable liability

Inequitable liability
The plan to abolish equitable liability is plain wrong, says MIKE TRUMAN

Is it equitable?
Nobody wins if the last resort of equitable liability is withdrawn, says TaxAid’s ARTHUR HOOK

Marathon saga
The little known equitable liability option might help some taxpayers in dire straits, says HARRY FULTON

Reader reaction

Equitable liability and tax credits
'Withdrawal will lead to familiar problems'

Equitable liability: an example
From 'four partner firm'

Equitable liability: an example, too
From the BDO tax investigations department

From Andrew Knott

A contrary view
From Richard Fleet, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

Categories: equitable liability
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