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Tax health plan expands its practice

19 January 2010
Categories: News , THP
Dentists to be included in latest 'amnesty'

Dentists are to be included within HMRC’s new ‘amnesty’, the department has announced.

The news brings greater clarity to the nature of the tax health plan (THP), which was launched on 11 January as a disclosure opportunity for ‘all medical professionals’, offering a reduced penalty of 10% for individuals who share details of unpaid tax liabilities.

The scheme was assumed by most agents and media outlets to include dental experts and other health consultants. This was not the case, and the Revenue was criticised by tax commentators for providing sketchy details of the THP.

HMRC issued further information late last week that showed only doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) would be entitled to sign up to the initiative. The department added that it was in discussions with the General Dental Council over whether dentists could be included.

The Revenue remarked: ‘Dentists were always one of the professional groups we planned to include early in the campaign, and we have already done much background work, and this will mean that, as with GMC-regulated professionals, we will be able to provide the necessary support, as well as being able to pursue any follow-up activity needed.’

Categories: News , THP
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