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Working Together: calls to CT districts

12 April 2010
Categories: Forum & Feedback , Admin , Companies
Help identify and discuss issues stemming from systemic HMRC operational problems

Can the Working Together e-group please review the system for calls to HMRC corporation tax districts? 

Invariably, the number is engaged because letters no longer contain direct lines.  I appreciate that the larger client has a client relationship officer, but for the bulk of SMEs it is extremely time-consuming to phone a constantly engaged number. 

In addition, we are confronted with a backlog of post from 4 February. Could there be an equivalent of agents’ telephone numbers, as for self assessment?

It is also time-consuming that when a district changes the HMRC website (contact us section) does not say where the records have been transferred to, but merely states that the tax district no longer exists. 

There should be a thread to trace where the new district is. 

Anne Clark

Categories: Forum & Feedback , Admin , Companies
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