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09 August 2011
Issue: 4316 / Categories: News
Calculations for 2010/11 being issued

HMRC are issuing P800 tax calculations for 2010/11. They will first issue calculations for taxpayers who have overpaid tax, and repayments should be made by cheque within 14 working days of the date on the P800.

P800s for those who have underpaid tax will be issued subsequently and underpayments will be collected by adjustments to PAYE codes where possible, but HMRC say that ‘if the payment due is £3,000 or more we will contact you about how to pay’.

HMRC invite taxpayers to contact them on 0845 3000 627 if they would like collection of underpaid tax via their PAYE code number to be spread over two or three years or if they believe that the department has failed to make use of information previously provided by the taxpayer.

Issue: 4316 / Categories: News
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