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19 February 2013
Issue: 4391 / Categories: News sellers; DOTAS; insurance tax; FCIM


HMRC have set up a taskforce aimed at taxpayersin London and the south-east using the self assessment system to claim back money they are not entitled to. It is expected to recover £6m and prevent future fraudulent repayments being claimed. Other taskforces have also been launched this month. They are targeting tax evasion in Northern Ireland, the jewellery trade in the Midlands and fast food outlets in East Anglia.


Following the publication of the final US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Regulations, HMRC have extended the consultation period on the draft UK regulations and guidance from 13 February to 28 February 2013.

Tax calculator

HMRC have released a new version of the calculator which estimates the amount of income tax and National Insurance contributions a taxpayer can expect to pay on his income, as well as finding out how this money gets spent by the government.

Direct sellers

The Revenue’s direct selling campaign ends on 28 February. Taxpayers who wish to pay tax under this facility must pay what they owe by that date.


From 31 January, scheme reference number 05176191 has been withdrawn.

Insurance tax

Interim guidance on the new tax regime for life insurance companies is available. It covers allocations of income, gains, profits and losses and transfers of long-term business.


The permanent version of HMRC’s Fraud Civil Investigation Manual has been published and replaces the previous interim guidance.


Issue: 4391 / Categories: News
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