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In brief: tax credit renewals; charities online...

30 April 2013
Issue: 4400 / Categories: News

...error messages; child trust funds; SAIM revised; landfill tax

Tax credit renewals

Almost 6m people are set to receive tax credit renewal packs from HMRC. Claimants must renew by 31 July to ensure payments continue. The Revenue will ask that individuals check the accuracy of the information in the packs. The department has stressed the importance of correctness in light of this year’s introduction of universal credit, which will have replaced all tax credit claims by 2017. HMRC wish to be informed about changes to circumstances such as working hours, childcare costs or pay. Individuals may also be asked to provide details of the previous year’s income: the amount by which a claimant’s income can change before the taxman must be told was reduced this month to £5,000.

Charities online

HMRC’s online charities service has been launched, enabling charitable organisations and community amateur sports clubs to make repayment claims digitally. Guidance includes a demonstration of the offering and explains how to make a claim.

Error messages

The Revenue has published a list of error messages that some users of basic PAYE tools have received when trying to submit PAYE information in real time, together with instructions on what to do to correct the submission.

Child trust funds

CTF Bulletin 70 has been published. It provides details of matters that have arisen due to the migration of information from the child trust fund system to the new legacy database.

SAIM revised

Draft amendments have been made to HMRC’s Savings and Investment Manual to reflect legislation in Finance Bill 2013 on interest in kind, interest included in compensation payments, specialty debt and disguised interest. Comments should be submitted no later than 31 July 2013.

Landfill tax

The Landfill Tax (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 17 April. It will replace the UK regime with a Scottish landfill tax from 1 April 2015.

Issue: 4400 / Categories: News
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