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Alex Byrne

Alex Byrne FTII is a former inspector of taxes who helps accountants and clients nationwide who  have difficulties with HMRC’s handling of enquiry cases. Contact him by telephone on 01926 400055


Dishing the dirt

Alex Byrne sets out the ways practitioners can protect themselves from the charge of money laundering and looks at published guidance.

Clamping down on criminality

Tired of hanging on that telephone line? Investigations suggest we may just have to get used to it

By Keith Gordon; third edition; 277 pages; £74.50; Claritax Books

Claiming a construction industry scheme refund can be an overlong process

ALEX BYRNE wonders if there is time left to kill off the real-time PAYE proposals

ALEX BYRNE wonders whether the recently submitted tax returns will bring more or fewer enquiries
ALEX BYRNE thinks the Adjudicator could do more to support taxpayers
ALEX BYRNE laments HMRC’s recent practice of copying clients into letters to the agent
ALEX BYRNE looks at some recent worrying traits in HMRC's investigation work
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