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Chris Williams

In his lucid moments, Chris Williams is the director of taXwords (very) limited

On the basis erratic fiction is all the rage, we accepted an article by CHRIS WILLIAMS, but it turned out to be more CPD James than EL James

CHRIS WILLIAMS believes he has an unreasonable excuse for seasonal jollity
CHRIS WILLIAMS provides a road map to the recently introduced rules on disguised remuneration
CHRIS WILLIAMS tells the tale of how not even Santa and his reindeers could escape qualitative easing
Disappointed by the pre-Budget report? Things can only get worse. CHRIS WILLIAMS makes his annual visit to Father Christmas in search of relief
It’s all rubbish as usual, concludes CHRIS WILLIAMS
At Christmas most of us dream of getting away. The editor is dreaming of his own Great Escape... from CHRIS WILLIAMS's annual article
Most of our dreams evaporate when we wake from our big sleep. CHRIS WILLIAMS of Baker Tilly, haunted by Marlowe's ghost, is one of the sad exceptions ...
But in CHRIS WILLIAMS' Christmas tale, will Santa get some cheer out of the taxman? Read on.
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