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Malcolm Gunn

Malcolm Gunn is a consultant with Butler & Co and author of Tolley’s Inheritance Tax.

By Robert Venables QC; £125
By Tom Wesel and Gerald Montagu; £338
MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP explains why those with private property companies should be embarking on some succession planning
By Emma Chamberlain and Chris Whitehouse; £150
Author: Matthew Hutton; 734 pages (inc. index)
MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP reviews the Pre-Budget Report announcements.

MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP takes a look at the latest Finance Bill.

THE FINANCE BILL is friendly to neither the pocket nor the planet. I suggested to the counter assistant at the Stationery Office that it should be given away since it is in the Government's interests that we know what the law of the land is, but £24.50 was still collected off my credit card. As to the planet, there are two hefty volumes which will have made their mark on a rain forest somewhere.

MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP discusses ten-year inheritance tax charges on discretionary trusts and offers some planning ideas.

MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP offers help for clients pleading, 'no tax please, we're not British!'
Are private property lettings a business for tax purposes? MALCOLM GUNN discusses the arguments for and against
MALCOLM GUNN, editor of Taxation from 1988 to 2004, recalls the days of Pritt Stick and werewolves
MALCOLM GUNN FTII, TEP examines a change to trust taxation which will have much wider impact than is immediately apparent.
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