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Philip Fisher

Philip Fisher is a freelance author and journalist.



By David HJ Cohen; £65; paperback; 209 pages; Bloomsbury Books

Would swap your golden handshake for shares, asks PHILIP FISHER

Will new IR35 guidance have contractors quaking in their boots, wonders PHILIP FISHER

By Aidan Langley; £110
PHILIP FISHER suggests employee share schemes should be simplified
PHILIP FISHER raises the alarm for individuals who are seconded overseas but also need to work in the UK
The marriage between income tax and NI is still a long way off, says PHILIP FISHER
PHILIP FISHER highlights both a challenge and an opportunity for employers of expatriate employees
PHILIP FISHER suggests that if the Lib-Con government invests wisely, there could be hidden riches available

By James Graham

PHILIP FISHER wonders whether the incoming head of the Exchequer would like an extra £20 billion of spending money
PHILIP FISHER explains why the recession means that companies need to take another look at share options
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