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The joy of gardening

Nov 10, 2008, 10:49 AM
Authors : Richard
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Post date : Nov 10, 2008, 10:49 AM
Everyone else will be talking about the PBR today, but we know what really interests readers and those of a certain age will know that 'the answer lies in the soil'.
And so it was with Bob Flowerdew, hero to regular listeners of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’, who has apparently crossed swords (or should that be dibbers) with HMRC.
Many thanks to Rebecca Cave to flagging up the story in this weekend's Financial Times.
Bob's story was as follows ...
‘Four years ago, the Inland Revenue decided that I must have had a bigger income. And they were convinced I had hidden accounts! I said if I had them, would they tell me where they were, and I would be happy to split them 50-50!
‘This dispute went on for years and cost me thousands in fees. I won it, but they didn’t apologise. I now have insurance against the cost of another investigation. You cannot sensibly represent yourself. If I had done my own books to save on accountancy fees I would have certainly lost the investigation.’
A story familiar to many readers no doubt – especially the bit about the lack of an apology – good to know that HMRC know all about how to treat their ‘customers’ so that they will choose to return to the store on a regular basis.

Isn't that something to do with 'goodwill'? But more on that in another entry.

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