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Let us pray

Sep 2, 2008, 09:18 AM
Authors : Richard
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Post date : Sep 2, 2008, 09:18 AM
Good job I made a note to remember this otherwise I bet some of the less religious amongst you would have forgotten that today, 2 September, is a very special day for tax advisers.
Why’s that, I hear you ask.
Because today is the feast day of St Mamas.
Mamma mia?!
Certainly. Bless you.
St Mamas – so they say – was a monk who lived in a cave.
You’d have thought that this would have been enough for people to have left him alone, but no, some things never change and ‘they’ decided that he should be paying tax.
I presume that he declined to join the third century tax club and soldiers – no doubt acting under something akin to our latterday FA 2008, Sch 36 – were dispatched to bring him before the authorities.
In custody and on the way back to town, he saw a lion attacking a lamb and, evading the soldiers' clutches, he managed to save the lamb and ride on the back of the lion all the way into the town.
At his subsequent trial, this feat earned him exemption from taxation.
Rumour has it that Mamas gave the sheep to the judge (something dodgy going on there surely).
St Mamas is now the patron saint of (you guessed it) tax evaders.
I reckon he’s due a little prayer, don’t you?

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