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Osborne v Mandelson - handbags at dawn

Oct 23, 2008, 08:45 AM
Authors : Richard
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Post date : Oct 23, 2008, 08:45 AM
This business with George Osborne, Nat Rothschild and Peter Mandelson reminds me of my schooldays in the playground.
You must know the scene; someone has slighted someone else – perhaps one was wearing the wrong trainers, or maybe they were arguing over who was Nat's best friend, who knows – and they both square up to each other.
‘My dad can beat your dad…’
‘Yeah, you and whose army?’
It’s handbags at dawn and a bit of pushing and shoving starts before someone shouts the word that has echoed across playgrounds from time immemorial.
Punching and grappling now begins in earnest and as each party starts to flag his mates push him bodily back into the circle of interested onlookers.
Things proceed after this fashion until ‘teach’ suddenly appears, when the crowd fades away leaving our two bashful combatants standing there alone, looking rather sheepish, ties askew, shoes scuffed, and jackets somewhat the worse for wear.
‘Osborne! Mandelson! Who started it?’
(In unison) ‘It was him, sir!’
‘Right! Both of you outside my study in 10 minutes.’
But, hey, he was (sorry, Freudian slip) is the Shadow Chancellor, surely we want someone who understands business – it’s all about making money after all.
Let's compare the work experience of George and Peter before they got involved with their respective political parties.
According to Wikipedia, ‘Osborne's first job was as a data enterer for the National Health Service, inputting the names of people who had died in London onto a computer. He also briefly worked for Selfridges.’

On my estimate that would account for about two years all told.
And Lord Mandelson’s work outside of the Labour Party?
‘He worked as a television producer with London Weekend Television on Weekend World.’

Maybe three years according to the dates in Wikipedia.
Both eminently qualified to understand the country’s small businesses then.
I expect the usual flurry of well thought through tax measures in the near future.

Don’t get caught out in the tax playground, run off to
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