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Jan 24, 2008, 03:44 AM
Authors : Daniel
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Post date : Jan 24, 2008, 03:44 AM
Part I:
Being in need of a new survey question for, I asked colleagues for suggestions.
Their contributions were generous, meaning I'll be kept in weekly polls for some time to come.
Alas, my favourite - from Richard - was, I decided, just a little too arch for the main website.
It is, however, perfect for this forum.
Please leave your answers in the Comments section at the foot of this entry.
Q. Have you got time to complete a survey mere days before the self-assessment tax-return filing date?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Go away, and stop bothering me!

Part II:
In the end, it was a victory for common sense.
A survey on the Taxation site asked visitors how often they visited this blog, and for a long time 'never' was way out in front.
In fact, there was point at which I considered taking down the poll just to save face.
But then - hurrah! - 'sometimes' began to open its legs, and 'often' showed a touch of pace, too.
At the finishing line, their combined to total was 57% of the vote.
Now I'll be able look my fellow guests in the eye at the inaugural B2B Bloggers' Dinner and Dance. (Just as soon as I get around to contriving the thing.)
The following year, however, I want to be able to hold my head high and proud, having seen 'never' left at the starting line.
So, come back soon.
And bring a friend.

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