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The pound in your pants

Sep 23, 2008, 06:23 AM
Authors : Richard
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Post date : Sep 23, 2008, 06:23 AM
More doom and gloom today with news that, after sharp rises at the end of last week, Wall Street’s Dow Jones industrial average plunged again yesterday. Don't bet against more bad news from stock markets today.
At the worst possible moment, when we are all concerned about our finances, comes news that about one in every 50 pound coins is a fake.
There’s a thought: if you are paid in fake coins are you liable to tax on that?
Or is it OK if you pay the tax in fake coins?
Probably not.
Anyway, it turns out that we’ve all been worrying unnecessarily about the falling value of the pound against the US dollar and the euro and how we’ll afford that holiday. The reality is now that the pound in your pocket could not only be worth less, but actually be worthless!
It’s not just me who is worried, so is Rhian (21, from Manchester) on Page 3 of The Sun, who is ‘shocked 30 million fake pound coins are in circulation’.
‘I can’t believe how many are out there. It’s worrying to think I may have some in my purse. I will start checking my change from now on.’
What I just can’t figure out is exactly where Rhian is keeping that purse.

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