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Issue : Vol 184, Issue 4714

Issue : Vol 184, Issue 4714

27 Sep 2019
Right versus rights
Fitting it all together
Are you the best in class...?
National tax health service
Consequences for clients of legal problems
Exclusivity fee for securing property purchase
Inheritance tax implications of gift with reservation
PSC tax underpayments on self-assessment return
Double invoicing VAT problem
Stateside; Equitable release; Time to act; Hijacked
In 2008, the Netherlands tax authorities concluded an advance pricing arrangement with Starbucks. In 2015, the European Commission ruled that the agreement constituted state aid incompatible with the...
The EU parliament has published a draft report supporting new rules to make online marketplaces responsible for VAT on sales of goods they facilitate, and extending the EU VAT mini one-stop shop...
Accounting and tax professionals working for multinational businesses will continue to face significant challenges as the trend for greater harmonisation in global compliance and regulation fails to...
Europe’s middle market businesses are calling on law makers to increase attempts to tax the world’s largest digital companies, despite a backlash from the US. RSM has found that 84% of...
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