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Issue: Vol 160, Issue 4127

27 Sep 2007
The new rules relating to property owned via a company is a step forward, says RICHARD MANNION, but problems still remain
DEREK ALLEN analyses the potential changes HMRC want to make to extend their powers
Another year, another Adjudicator's report. ALLISON PLAGER finds out what has been cause for complaint in 2006-07
My client runs courses in the UK, other EU countries and also in Australia as the director of his personal company, teaching people how to farm sheep
I was a sole practitioner until 31 October 2002 when my business became incorporated. At that point, the goodwill was sold to the company for £225,000, which I think may be a little high.
Comment on HMRC's consultative document (Modernising Powers Deterrents and Safeguards: Payments Repayments and Debt) about increasing their powers, particularly in relation to debt collection.
Comment by Interactive Data CGT service in response to a Readers' Forum query about the treatment of Standard Life bonus shares following the demutualisation in 2006
About ten or so years ago a client purchased a plot of land abutting the river bank where his houseboat is moored. Over the years, part of this land has been converted into a garden, while the rest...
My client started a small part-time security business as a sole trader in 1986. The business progressed at a very modest pace for many years until 1999 when he decided to incorporate on 1 December of...
The taxpayer company had applied for a construction industry certificate CIS5 in 2005, based on a predicted annual turnover of £4 million.
A VAT scheme claimed to have the effect of minimising overall VAT liability in the context of motor breakdown insurance.
The next meeting of the ICAEW Tax Faculty Younger Members' Tax Club takes place on 1 October at 6.15pm at the Red Herring Pub, 49 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7ET.
In respect of Bill 6 (corporation tax), the tax law rewrite committee has recently published draft clauses
The all items retail prices index for August 2007
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