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Issue: Vol 164, Issue 4225

Issue: Vol 164, Issue 4225

10 Sep 2009
ADAM CRAGGS discusses a recent case in which HMRC invoked their information powers and continued with their enquiries in spite of having issued a closure notice
IAN MASTON asks whether payments into an employee benefit trust are gifts
The new capital allowances rules cause particular problems for motorcars. MIKE TRUMAN looks at the problems and possible solutions
PENNY BATES returns to first principles with an explanation of the tax charges relating to accommodation and related assets provided by an employer
A client had a tax liability for 2007/08, but a loss for 2008/09. A carry-back claim was made and the repayment was set against the 2007/08 liability. However, interest and penalties were charged. It...
Dairy farmers who sold their milk to an organisation were owed money when it went into liquidation. They had also loaned money to it, but these loans had been converted into shares that are now...
Two directors own a company’s shares in the ratio of 95:5. They wish to pay dividends, but on a more equitable basis. If B shares are issued would these be employment-related securities?
How do trustees decide whether a payment to beneficiaries represents income or capital?
VAT on wife’s bed and breakfast business; mitigating a chargeable event gain; effective date of payment; most appropriate way of setting up in business
Issue #37 now available
List updated online
Advice on evidence re. tax-deductable interest
HMRC wants agents to go online for information
HMRC to accept right to receive compensation may be included at nil value
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