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Issue : Vol 182, Issue 4673

Issue : Vol 182, Issue 4673

21 Nov 2018

Fair tax for all

Howzat? Not out!

Repelling the ambulance chasers

Legislate in haste – repent at leisure

Access denied

Transfer of an estate to a discretionary trust.

Property demolition and reconstruction.

Mitigating charges on the sale of a property in Europe.

Tax implications of corporate pension contributions.

Family first; Developing land; Going back; Transfer window

Amendments to tax returns.

HMRC’s litigation and settlement strategy (LSS) was designed to ensure consistency in resolving tax disputes.

HMRC seems to have realised the value that mediation can offer to both sides in a tax dispute.

The podcasts will provide access to interviews and discussions with key policy officials and teams offering information, tips and support.

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