25 Mar 2018

Career advice from leading tax women

07 March 2018

Monstrous regimen of women


  • Take ownership of your career.
  • Take advantage of a mentor in or outside your firm.
  • Do not let others hold you back – believe in yourself.
  • Be prepared to accept help and help those who follow you.

It is 460 years since John Knox, the Scottish Protestant reformer, wrote his pamphlet The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regimen of Women in which he railed against rule by female monarchs, in particular Roman Catholic ones – Mary Tudor and Mary Stuart. In the years since, women have fought to win the right to vote, be allowed to continue to work after marriage, be paid the same as men for doing the same job and be afforded the same opportunities. Yet, even in 2018, equality is not a given.

How, then, is it in the world of tax?


Own your career

Helen Adams, principal at BDO LLP

Working in tax is an interesting and challenging career. I thrive on no two days being the same and am inspired by the smiles and thanks of clients whose tax disputes we resolve so that they can get on with their businesses and their lives. The support and guidance I receive from my colleagues is instrumental in my career. I enjoy assisting colleagues with their development, solving problems and technical issues too.

I encourage anyone with an interest in tax to find their niche and grow their careers with these tips:

  • After qualifying, reflect and decide what you want to do: ...

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