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On the Up

09 February 2005 / Howard Mcwilliam
Demand for the right people is tipping tax salaries into the ascendancy once more, reports co-editor HOWARD McWILLIAM

What is your reason for working? Perhaps you like the satisfaction of doing a job well or contributing to society. Maybe the artistry of wallpapering other people's monitors with Post-it notes makes it all worthwhile. Perhaps, like one colleague here, you participate in the rat race purely for the thrill of putting your feet on a desk, caressing your knees through pinstriped fabric and shouting “pro-activate!” as loud as possible. Still, no matter how altruistic or enthusiastic you are, earning a salary is going to be high among your reasons for getting out of bed Monday to Friday.

This was (unsurprisingly) confirmed by a brief salary survey for T2


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