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Gaming machines

20 July 2009
Issue: 4215 / Categories: News , VAT
Consultation on taxing on basis of gross profits

Gaming machines face a combination of amusement machine licence duty, a fixed cost licence fee paid before a gaming machine may be made available to play, and VAT at the standard rate on their takings.

Given that taxing on the basis of gross profits has been a success for other gambling regimes, the Government is considering whether to tax gaming machines in the same way, and wishes to hear from interested parties.

Responses should be sent by 23 October 2009 via email or by post: Gaming machines – GPT consultation, Excise and commercial property tax team, Budget tax and welfare directorate, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ.

Issue: 4215 / Categories: News , VAT
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