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Francesca Lagerberg

FRANCESCA LAGERBERG considers the first annual independent review of the Tax Professionals Forum
ELLIE GAMBLE and FRANCESCA LAGERBERG unveil employment tax horrors
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG considers what the Chancellor’s speech served up for enterprise
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG and AMY READ consider the end-of-year planning issues that are relevant for a tough new tax year
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG and LINDSEY WICKS consider the income tax changes found in the Budget 2009
… or a ticking time bomb? FRANCESCA LAGERBERG looks at what the Pre-Budget Report really did for small businesses
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG wonders if HMRC’s powers are going too far in their favour
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG reports on the Tax Faculty's workshop to consider how the taxation of small businesses can be improved
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG of Grant Thornton offers her initial reaction to the 2008 Budget
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG considers the pros and cons of the 'away day'
Have the latest tax proposals simply taken us back to a place where we were last year or has progess been made? FRANCESCA LAGERBERG makes some route-planning suggestions
FRANCESCA LAGERBERG considers the Government reaction to the Jones v Garnett decision in the House of Lords
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