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Phil Berwick

Phil Berwick is a consultant at Berwick Law. He can be contacted on 07956 492026 and by email.


The potential problems that may occur when practitioners deal with tax enquiries.

But there is still time for practitioners to register clients.

Implications of the new changes to the Liechtenstein disclosure facility

Issues relating to follower notices and accelerated payments in cases of marketed avoidance

PHIL BERWICK reviews the UK-Swiss agreement, and compares it with the Liechtenstein disclosure facility
PHIL BERWICK considers the practical aspects of HMRC’s tax health plan
PHIL BERWICK considers issues arising under the new disclosure opportunity and whether HMRC learnt any lessons from the offshore disclosure facility
PHIL BERWICK puts the HMRC 'interventions' under the microscope.
PHIL BERWICK considers information sources available to HM Revenue and Customs.

PHIL BERWICK considers HMRC's prosecution policy in the light of recent cases.

WHAT DO A chartered accountant, a photographer and a company director have in common? The answer is they have all been prosecuted by the Inland Revenue within the last 12 months.

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