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Availability of relief for a mortgage early redemption penalty

“We should protest about the way the media misrepresent avoidance”

Director A owns 16% of the shares of a trading company. The fortunes of the company have declined and she intends to resign and to gift shares to the other shareholders and directors. Director A would like to hold over any chargeable gain

As more farming clients are making significant trading profits, the potential advantages of incorporation must be considered. Advice is required on the herd basis aspects

A director’s loan account was overdrawn by £200,000 at the end of the accounting year and a dividend of an equivalent amount was declared as a repayment. Ffurther loans totalling £180,000 were made subsequently

A taxpayer is carrying out consultancy work through a new limited company. Six different classes of share have been issued: one for the consultant, one for his wife, and the others for each of their children

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