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Issue: Vol 164, Issue 4212

Issue: Vol 164, Issue 4212

11 Jun 2009
Worried about Man Utd, VAT and the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, NEIL WARREN decides to have a look at international supplies
GEORGE BULL and PETER CASS explain the importance of the May 2009 letter from the Accounting Standards Board
MARK MCLAUGHLIN considers how the new penalty regime for errors might be used as the basis for HMRC to pay compensation for their mistakes or delays
RICHARD CURTIS delves into the first three sessions of the Public Bill Committee’s debates on the Finance Bill 2009. It’s all about judgment rather than science
Conversations with the Taxation tax hound
'Proof that Revenue pays lip service to tax issues'
'"Computer says no" routine is now the norm at HMRC'
A property developer has suggested that the owner of a commercial property should redevelop the plot for housing. A substantial profit is anticipated, but will this result in the loss of...
A builder is planning on taking his daughter into partnership with him, but is concerned about the value of the business and how this might affect the various potential tax liabilities that could...
A husband and wife who are partners in a farming business have spent several weeks in New Zealand. This was, in part, a holiday, but also to study farming techniques, etc. Can tax relief be claimed...
A property has been held in trust for ten years to provide an income for a widow and her children. The property should now be sold, but there is some concern at how any ten-year tax charge will be...
Redundancy payment from EC resident company; company account held in director’s name; golden hello to partner; funding commercial property
Government seeks comments on proposed behaviours
Latest info from HMRC
Fix expected by 24 July
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