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Issue: Vol 166, Issue 4263

Issue: Vol 166, Issue 4263

8 Jul 2010
Who needs HMRC’s small company tool kit, asks KEVIN SLEVIN
Is the new system for tax appeals so different from the old one, wonders PENNY HAMILTON
The authorities appear to be chiselling away at legal professional privilege, say ADAM CRAGGS and JANE BAILEY
JOSEPH HOWARD examines the arsenal of criminal charges that HMRC can deploy against taxpayers and their advisers
...should be declared if there were 53 weeks in the year?
HMRC: 'We do not read more into IHTA 1984, s 105(4)(b) than it says'
About 50 years ago, a woman purchased a violin. This may have been gifted to her daughter about four years ago, but the mother now wishes for it to be sold
A mother transferred her only or main residence into the name of her son in 1999, but has lived in it since then. The property is now to be sold
A business supplies and installs display materials and shop-fitted furniture in airside shops in UK airports. How are these supplies to be treated for VAT purposes?
An investor receives introductory and renewal commission for making fund investments and some of the renewal commission is in the form of additional units
Contributor’s fee paid to charity; estate planning on farm held on trust; incentive scheme for employees; VAT treatment of professional fees
PDFS available to download
Code updated
Penalty notices for delayed 2008/09 P11D(b)
Comments on draft legislation wanted by 17 September
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