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Issue: Vol 172, Issue 4425

Issue: Vol 172, Issue 4425

24 Oct 2013

What happens if a liability is accidentally increased? Tax normalisation may be the key

The groundbreaking judgment that meant three taxpayers did not have to follow the requirement to file VAT returns online

HMRC’s supposed abolition of the renewals basis concession is nothing of the sort

Walking through the new P85 of statutory residence questions

A UK taxpayer who was receiving 5% withdrawals from offshore life assurance bonds has died. Potential income tax liabilities will depend upon who is entitled to the policy proceeds and whether a trust...

A trust was established before the major changes to the tax regime that were introduced in FA 2006. However, the terms of that trust have recently been changed

...VAT gone bad; Long-term loans

The EU Principal VAT Directive must be consulted to ascertain the correct VAT treatment of goods sold from the UK to another EU country and then delivered from there to a third country

A taxpayer is carrying out consultancy work through a new limited company. Six different classes of share have been issued: one for the consultant, one for his wife, and the others for each of their...
HMRC have made changes to the processes for pension registration and transfers between schemes. The new set up, which is effective from this month, is aimed at deterring pension liberation and...

Taxpayers risk being misled by RDR1, claims tax barrister

Salaried members of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) will be classed as employees under changes to the taxation of partnerships, HMRC have announced. The move follows the consultation on...
HMRC are in discussions with the commercial sector about how it can help to reduce tax credits error and fraud – which stood at £2.09bn in 2011/12. The talks follows a short trial earlier this year...

Investigations find good practices

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