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A matter of opinion

13 July 2010 / Daniel Selwood
Issue: 4263 / Categories: Working Together e-group , Admin
Our Working Together e-group needs you, writes DANIEL SELWOOD

This week’s online column comes broadly in two parts – a reminder and a question – and is intended for everyone, not just the technophiles among you. Voter has chosen to tick the 'I agree' box

First, the reminder: earlier this year, Taxation launched a Working Together group for the web. It is run in conjunction with AccountingWEB and HMRC to function alongside the 60-plus local groups that are currently active.

All readers are invited to join to highlight and discuss problems with the Revenue’s operations. The issues will be forwarded to the department if necessary, in the hope they will be addressed for the benefit of agents, advisers and taxpayers alike.

Details of how to get involved can be found here.

The e-group matter that has most occupied our website’s users so far has been how to find the details of the tax office that has main responsibility for a taxpayer.

A guide on the Revenue’s Online Services webpage would be extremely helpful, said reader Malcolm Bowen, who wanted to let the department know that he had severed links with one particular client.

Several responses were offered. The most pertinent was the one from Lisa Ford of Menzies, who wrote:

‘A client’s HMRC [office] can be found on HMRC’s Online Services page by opening the individual client’s record, clicking “view statements” on the left side of the screen and then selecting the “contact HMRC” sub-heading. The client’s HMRC office is stated at the bottom of that page. The page also helpfully lists the client’s tax collection office.’

Now the question: does Ms Ford’s advice help settle the issue? Yes or no, we’d like the reasons for your answers. Post them as a comment on the relevant page (you’ll need to log in first), or email them to me to upload on your behalf.

We’d love to hear from anyone who has a constructive point to make – including those people who have already contributed to this Working Together topic.

Should the consensus be one of dissatisfaction, we will alert the Revenue to the situation. It might simply be that the online service in question is sufficient for advisers’ use but needs to be more prominent or better promoted. Again, we’ll let the taxman know.



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Issue: 4263 / Categories: Working Together e-group , Admin
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DMASSEYV, 07/15/2010 11:19:00

If you really want to encourage folks to join then the admininstration of the Group over at AccountingWeb could do with improvement. I applied to join some weeks ago and so far have had not even had the courtesy of a refusal.

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