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Advice required on when VAT should be charged on business supplies to overseas customers.

We hope readers enjoyed grappling with the crossword (Taxation, 17 December 2015) over Christmas.

The first correct entry to be pulled out of the hat was from Anthony Cripps of Woking.

Many congratulations to Anthony who receives a bottle of champagne. The solution follows.


1 go without. 6 cycle. 9 extract. 10 guesses. 11 piece. 12 orderline. 14 SAS. 15 alternative. 17 apprentices. 19 age. 20 overtaxed. 22 rupee. 24 a bad lot. 26 banking. 27 theft. 28 on the edge.

Latest information.

Advice is required on deductions for allowable costs when a property is sold at a gain.

Highlights from the event held at the Queen Elizabeth Centre, London

Claim a £150 discount

The Revenue is to hold two conferences to bring employers up to date with the scheme reconciliation service and the proposed online guaranteed minimum pension self-serve facility, which will allow schemes to request calculations on an individual basis or to make bulk requests.

The tax department said it would welcome suggestions for other topics of interest.

The impact of globalisation of tax, as seen from a PAC-led conference

Highlights from the event held at Baker Tilly’s Bloomsbury offices

HMRC have launched a webinar to show the connection between the completeness and accuracy of a self assessment (SA) tax return and the quality of supporting records.

Self Assessment Tax Returns – Expenses Risks and Concerns is aimed at all agents, especially new advisers and those who file SA returns for small and medium-sized enterprises that include expenses claims.

Live sessions are available throught October:

Highlights from the event held at the University of Warwick

Big, blue-sky ideas for the future of National Insurance contributions

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