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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) inclusive framework has issued a policy note setting out two main areas for renewed international discussions on...
Most employees in HMRC have dedication, pride and commitment in the work they do and come to work to do a good job and support their colleagues. They expect and deserve to work in...
Tax transparency, complexity, inequality and corruption are the biggest concerns for the public in G20 countries, finds a survey from the Association of Chartered Certified...
Many accountants are unclear what digitalisation means for them.
The UK has one of the most favourable regimes for tax planning.

What goes where in Finance Acts 2017: easy to use guide.

Many employees use the wrong address when contacting the Revenue about queries they have with their PAYE and National Insurance.

HMRC asks employers to direct their staff to the HMRC contact details web page where they should be able to find the correct helpline number or address.

Scottish parliament has now given its approval.

Treasury appointments

Scottish people living abroad risk paying the wrong amount of tax on UK-earned income, says the Association of Taxation Technicians.

Employers that have been taken to court for failing to pay fines for workplace pension non-compliance are being named on a new list in The Pensions Regulator’s Auto-enrolment Compliance and Enforcement Quarterly Bulletin.

In each case the employer had been issued an escalating penalty notice (EPN) for non-compliance but did not pay it.

The regulator has also published the details of employers that continue to ignore their auto-enrolment obligations despite having been issued with a penalty and paid it.

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