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Issue: Vol 161, Issue 4144

7 Feb 2008
Campaigns are like buses, says MIKE TRUMAN: you wait all year for one, and then three come along at the same time
REBECCA MURRAY is not refreshed by the High Court's decision in Limitgood
It's not only individuals who take out insurance. JOHN WOOLLEY explains forthcoming changes to the taxation of life assurance policies held by companies
Is HMRC's SA Online a victim of its own sucess, asks ALLISON PLAGER
ROBERT MAAS thinks that payrolling benefits will be an 'unmitigated disaster' and wants your help to stop it
That confidential memo that was accidentally left in the photocopier, the e-mail sent 'Reply all' by mistake: they all make their way to Whistleblower. Or so he says...
Do the share reorganisation rules apply where a subsidiary company sits between parent and target?
Confirming when and whether private bank records should be produced during an enquiry
Determining the split between revenue and capital costs on setting up and running a website
Is VAT bad debt relief available for a trader who uses the flat rate scheme?
What are the stamp duty land tax implications when restructuring a farming partnership?
HMRC clarify practice in relation to the treatment for capital gains purposes of a contribution of an asset to a partnership
Replaces draft published in August
Next meet of body's Tax Faculty Younger Members' Tax Club: 11 February
Taxpayers puzzled about difference between pension scheme return and SA970
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